Wujiang Tongdelong Textile Finishing Plant is a functional textile manufacturer integrated of production, processing and trade. It is located in Wujiang, middile position of Suzhou and Hangzhou.
                    Production equipment: import equipment, special width 320cm coating machine; equipped with clean dust free workshop; appropriate for high-end and bright white color textile products manufacturing;
                    Production scale: annual output of various water proofing coating fabric and functional textiles is 20 million meters.
                    Raw material: adopt pure import and environmental friendly raw material, meet environmental requirement for export
                    to Europe and America....

                    Suzhou TONGDELONG Textile Coating...
                    Add: No. 161, Xihuan Road, Shengze Town...
                    Contact: Zhu Xiu +86-15850128882
                    Sales Department: +86-512-63520928
                    General Manager: +86-512-63520968
                    Fax: +86-512-63601723
                    Wind proofing and... Wind proofing and... Home textile, luggage... Vehicle safety safety air... Operating table sickbed... Surgical gown fabric Ventilate down jacket fabric Medical mattress material Fluorescent cloth series and...
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